Wasted Wasting Time

I have accomplished more these past 14 days than I have in probably months before that. I’ve painted, decorated, made home improvements, started to get in better shape, read books, prepared healthy meals, and so much more. It is hard to believe how much time I wasted just being wasted, and not only wasted, but completely useless for days after being wasted. I was in a major alcohol induced brain fog. Even if i didn’t drink every day, a weekend and day or two during the week was enough to ruin the rest of the days thereafter. I am so grateful that I can see things more clearly, and think more clearly, and just feel brighter overall. I feel lighter, like something heavy was weighing me down for so long, and now its been released. My skin is clearer, my stomach is less puffy, and my thoughts are straight, things are looking up! All this on only day 14? Who would have thought!
Other things I’ve discovered, well- I’m funny, like really funny, and I don’t need the booze for it, and I’m witty, and smarter, and nicer! Yah nicer- all those hungover days meant I was more often than not a total bitch.
Sorry to toot my own horn so much, just needed to get it out there. Thanks for listening.