About Me


I’m a 29 year old hot mess and today I had an epiphany (read Day One), and so began this blog. Frankly, I do not consider myself an alcoholic, nor would anyone who knows me. Yet, I know what I do is not normal, it is not OK, and it is becoming a problem. I don’t believe you have to be an alcoholic to have a problem with alcohol. I would like to have this solved (yah I know it will always be a work in progress) before I turn 30 because I know it could just get worse, and I’m trying to avoid living a shitty existence. The life I live now is pretty damn amazing and pretty darn great, so why do I even need to drink? Welp…that’s what I’m going to write about and hopefully figure out through this whole thing. Also hoping to develop a network of sober friends, just reading hundreds of blogs this morning was the only way I got through this horrible day, and my reason for starting my own blog. Cheers to sober living…one day at a time.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Eggs,
    I’m with ya. Very similar and recent experience has caused me to start a blog, kick the booze, start fresh and see what life is like sober. Too many times of waking up feeling horrible, anxious, and sick. I’m over it. Not sure if I’m going forever, just trying to think about the now. But so far so good. Day 17 for me. Reading blogs helps and I think writing helps too. Looking forward to reading more about your experience!

  2. sureasimbreathingnoceiling

    Heya, Oh, this sounds like me a bit! On the mend too, just hit day 60. Looking forward to reading and sharing experiences!

  3. Hope all is well~ miss your posts!

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