I’m Still Here!

Sorry, life got crazy there for awhile. But—– still sober!

Lets see all the hard times I got through:
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Christmas parties (4!)
New Years Eve
3 Birthday dinners (why so many in December!)

I had to dodge a lot of questions and avoid certain people, but I made it! And I had a great holiday break, enjoyed every minute, and really remembered it all this year! Yay! There are lots more hard times ahead, but I’m so confident in myself now, its been 40 days today!

40 whole entire days!!!!!

My advice to others struggling out there, who may have circumstances like mine, BE RUDE if you have to, BE MEAN even, BE TRUE to yourself and your own values, don’t let anyone else intimidate you or bully you into doing anything you do not want to do. I had to be rude and mean more than once over the past few weeks, but it was worth it, if you are nice and polite the first few times saying “no” or in trying to downplay your reasons for not drinking, it may take a little blunt rudeness to get the message across. It is so funny how much people notice too- and are watching! One friend even asked my boy “is she drinking?” like it was such a huge deal that I didnt have a drink at dinner, sheesh people! Get over the booze! I’m over it.

40 days down 🙂